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As the result of one of the first actions taken by Wisconsin’s newly elected Legislature and governor, new rules governing the state’s civil justice system are now in place.

As legislators go about the work of redrawing political maps, one fundamental rule guiding their decisions will be to keep the populations of political districts as equal as possible.

Changes in state policy are helping Ohio rebalance its long-term-care system in a way that expands choices for consumers and results in cost savings.

A new "shall issue" law has taken effect in Iowa, while a court ruling in Ohio blocks cities from establishing local gun-control laws

In a sign of fiscal times for distressed local governments, talk of municipal bankruptcy has picked up in parts of the Midwest and across the country.

In a decade when the U.S. population grew at the smallest rate since the 1930s and the Great Depression, every Midwestern state failed to keep pace with the nation’s 10-year growth rate of 9.7 percent.

For the first time since 1977, the nation’s state prison population is on the decline, and Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin are among the 24 states that contributed to the decrease.

Seven states in the Midwest now have adopted energy-efficiency resource standards, a policy tool increasingly being used by lawmakers to promote energy conservation and cut consumers’ electric bills over the long run.

Across the Midwest, no single expenditure gobbles up more of the state budget pie than K-12 education — a reflection of the high priority that legislatures place on education, as well as the pressures that lawmakers have faced (from constituents and the courts, for example) to strengthen funding for schools. In the coming months, that dedication to K-12 education funding will be put to the test.

The national recession didn’t strike every part of the United States with equal force, and it appears the Great Lakes region got the worst of the severe economic blow.


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