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Currently, three states in the Midwest are among the nation’s 18 “ABC” states. The name refers to alcoholic beverage control, specifically the direct control that these jurisdictions retain over the distribution and sale of alcohol. In Ohio, the governor is pushing a plan that would transfer the liquor enterprise, and its profits, to JobsOhio. 

Soon after Rick Snyder introduced his first proposed budget as Michigan’s governor, lawmakers were being inundated with phone calls about one idea in particular: taxing the pension income of retirees.

Kansas lawmakers are hoping the creation of Rural Opportunity Zones will help address a long-time concern in many parts of the state: the loss of population.

From the moment changes to Wisconsin’s collective bargaining law were introduced, it became clear to legislators that state politics and policy—and their own jobs—were never going to be the same.

Individuals interested in entering the teaching profession in Minnesota will be offered alternative pathways to certification under a bill that has received the backing of Republican legislative leaders and Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton.

Legislation that proponents say will structurally balance Indiana’s unemployment trust fund within two years has been signed into law.

A plan to ship radioactive waste through the Great Lakes has received a flurry of criticism over the past year, but in February, it secured the approval of a key federal regulatory commission in Canada.

Increased concern about the prevalence of sports-related brain injuries has led lawmakers to consider new ways of protecting student-athletes.


For policymakers looking to improve voter turnout, no state offers a better model than Minnesota.

No state in the Midwest relies more heavily on the sales tax than South Dakota. And in a state where more than half of total tax collections come from this revenue source, it comes as no surprise that lawmakers are trying to address a growing collection problem: the inability to bring in sales and use taxes from purchases made over the Internet.


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