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Longer school days, new rules for when teachers can strike, and changes in the granting of teacher tenure are among the major provisions in Illinois legislation that has been hailed as a milestone in K-12 education policy.

North Dakota has become the ninth state in the Midwest to enact a law designed to combat the problem of bullying in schools. 

States, meanwhile, are feeling the fiscal and political pressure to improve disclosure in their programs that provide tax breaks and grants to businesses.

Seeking greater efficiencies in state government operations, Ohio lawmakers are turning to the power, expertise and resources of the state auditor for help. 

A compromise between business and labor groups in Kansas has led to the first overhaul of the state’s workers’ compensation system in nearly 20 years.

The Midwest, home to the first school voucher program in the nation, now has the most far-reaching U.S. voucher law as the result of actions taken this year in Indiana. 

The story of the population and economic decline of some of the Midwest’s largest, historically most important cities did not begin in 2000 and will likely not end in 2010.  Nonetheless, data from U.S. Census 2010 are striking in showing the extent of the out-migration from many of this region’s central towns.

Two Midwestern states are considering measures that would lessen the time it takes for businesses to get state environmental permits.

Currently, three states in the Midwest are among the nation’s 18 “ABC” states. The name refers to alcoholic beverage control, specifically the direct control that these jurisdictions retain over the distribution and sale of alcohol. In Ohio, the governor is pushing a plan that would transfer the liquor enterprise, and its profits, to JobsOhio. 

Soon after Rick Snyder introduced his first proposed budget as Michigan’s governor, lawmakers were being inundated with phone calls about one idea in particular: taxing the pension income of retirees.


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