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TransCanada has faced many hurdles in its multi-year effort to get a new 1,700-mile oil pipeline built. But this fall, the energy infrastructure company ran up against perhaps its stiffest opposition yet — from concerned residents and lawmakers in the state of Nebraska.

Illinois lawmakers have paved the way for speed cameras to be used in designated safety zones in the city of Chicago.

With the practice of hyrdaulic fracturing, or “fracking,” on the rise, state lawmakers are increasingly being asked to weigh in on a process that boosts oil and gas production but also raises environmental concerns.

Like other state legislatures, the Indiana General Assembly uses lots and lots of paper — an estimated 17 tons every session. For a single piece of legislation last year (the state’s budget bill), a total of 133,080 pages were printed out. That is the equivalent of 16 trees. 

Minnesota and Indiana were among the first 11 U.S. states this fall to formally seek waivers from key provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act.

"Right-to-work" legislation continues to be a bitter policy dispute in Indiana.

Illinois lawmakers have adopted a controversial plan that will increase utility bills in order to upgrade the state's energy infrastructure.

A move toward some type of defined-contribution system is likely to be considered by lawmakers in 2012. 

Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and North Dakota are all set to hold primaries or caucuses in the first two months of the new year.

Trade among the three countries of North America has tripled since the North American Free Trade Agreement took effect 17 years ago.  That robust increase, however, belies some of the obstacles to cross-border trade in the continent, with inadequate or antiquated infrastructure near the top of the list of concerns of businesses and governments.


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