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Entrepreneurial activity and new business creation in the United States are at their highest points in 15 years. In order to help encourage this growth, state policymakers in the Midwet are looking for ways to better support these new enterprises.

Question of the Month: Which states require supermajority votes in the legislature to pass tax increases? According to Americans for Tax Reform, entering this year, 16 states required a supermajority vote for taxes to be raised. 

Proposals to transfer business-recruitment functions to private entities have advanced in three Midwestern states. Governors in Iowa, Ohio and Wisconsin have led the charge in hopes of making these agencies more responsive to the businesses they serve.

Policymakers are increasingly demanding more accountability and transparency with the tax breaks and incentives being used to lure businesses and create jobs, and few states have more robust systems in place than Illinois, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Several bills being introduced in 2011 North Dakota  aim to bolster an already strong economy in that state.

How can states help create K-12 education systems that better prepare students for careers and college? This article looks at a potential policy framework, as well as some examples of approaches being taken in Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

The November Question of the Month provides a brief overview of state laws in the Midwest regulating the short-term lending industry.

A new report from the Brookings Institution calls for Great Lakes states to create region-wide investment fund.


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