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Several state constitutional amendments on the ballot in 2016 attracted significant attention. Voters approved citizen-initiated amendments legalizing medical marijuana in Arkansas and Florida, boosting the minimum wage in Colorado, and extending an income tax hike on upper-income earners in California. Victims’ rights were recognized through passage of amendments in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota, as were hunting and fishing rights through passage of amendments in Kansas and Indiana. Colorado voters approved an amendment increasing the barriers to passage of future amendments, in part by adding a super-majority voter-ratification rule.

Chapter 1 of The Book of the States 2017 contains the following articles and tables:

The results of yesterday’s state legislative elections saw a handful of chambers flip from Democrat to Republican, mirroring what the nation saw on the federal level and leaving several states with split legislatures. Here’s a run-down of the changes that have been confirmed:

The results of yesterday’s elections brought about several changes in gubernatorial control, including the defeat of at least one incumbent governor. With 39 governors’ races taking place across the states and territories, Republicans look as though they have picked up a net total of two seats.

Two states headed to the polls Tuesday to elect executive and legislative branch officials.

In New Jersey, yesterday’s elections resulted in very little change. The gubernatorial race outcome was as many predicted, with incumbent Republican Gov. Chris Christie easily defeating Democrat Barbara Buono.

The results of yesterday's election didn't offer many changes in state executive branches. The office of governor was on the ballot across 13 states and territories. Six of the seven incubment governors running were re-elected, with Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño being defeated in his bid for a second term. 

For the first time in more than 20 years, North Carolina will have a Republican governor. Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory defeated current Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, likely marking the only gubernatorial seat pick up for...

State legislatures across the country saw several party control changes after yesterday's election. Here's what we know so far:

  • Democrats took control of the Minnesota Senate and House.
  • Repubicans won back the Wisconsin Senate.
  • Democrats took control of a previously split House in Oregon.
  • Republicans took control of the Arkansas Senate and House.
  • Democrats gained control of the Colorado House.
  • Democrats reclaimed the Maine Senate and House.
  • ...

Think of it as June Madness—a little like the March Madness of college basketball, only with the Affordable Care Act as the major player.

Leavitt Partners, a health care intelligence company, developed a bracketology program to demonstrate how the future of major health care reform might play out under different scenarios. The bracketology program also allows users to make their own predictions and examine the probable outcomes.

On April 26, CSG held a webinar with policy experts from the Edison Electric Institute on addressing cybersecurity threats in the Smart Grid. EEI is the largest association of U.S. investor-owned utilities and its members provide roughly 70 percent of the nation’s electricity. The webinar’s presenters featured Chris Eisenbrey and Scott Aaronson who are policy experts that focus on Smart Grid issues and policy development.

In an era where federal gridlock has left states to address many of the most intractable policy challenges, interstate compacts have emerged as a powerful instrument for states to work together to solve common problems.  Since its founding in 1933, CSG has played a leading role in advancing interstate compacts as a force for innovative policies. In support of this mission, CSG has partnered with the National Governors Association in signing onto an amicus curiae brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals in a case that could profoundly affect the relationship between states and the federal government.


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