CSG Committee on Suggested State Legislation

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The subjects of reforming teacher tenure and promoting teacher effectiveness have been high-profile issues across several states due to significant implications for both education and fiscal policy. Legislation passed in Louisiana, Maine and New Jersey are recent examples other states may wish to consider when examining the potentially controversial issues surrounding the process of changing or modifying existing tenure programs for public educators.

This Act allows a person to produce proof of automobile insurance by electronic means in lieu of printed means under certain conditions. This includes displaying electronic images of that information on a cellular phone or other type of portable device.

The Act authorizes investor-owned natural gas utilities to petition its economic regulator (the State Corporation Commission) to implement a separate rider that will allow for recovery of certain costs associated with eligible pipeline replacement projects.

This Act establishes procedures and fees to enable telecommunications providers to install telecommunications facilities on rail-trail land under state ownership or control. It requires some of the money from such fees be used to develop and maintain rail-trails.

This Act requires staffing agencies provide to employees a notice containing certain information about new assignments/placements. It requires that information be confirmed in writing and sent to the employees, in a form designated by the employees, before the end of the first pay period.

This Act is targeted at retaining and expanding film, television, and digital media production in the state.

This Act requires the department of managed health care and the department of insurance to develop a standard form health care service plans and health insurers can use to authorize filling drug prescriptions. The Act requires health service plans and health insurers use such forms to authorize filling drug prescriptions for patients

This Act revises the state's civil service law.

This Act directs the state commissioner of health and senior services to require each birthing facility licensed by the department of health and senior services to perform a pulse oximetry screening, a minimum of 24 hours after birth, on every newborn in its care.

This Act provides immunity, with certain exceptions, from arrest and criminal prosecution for a person who, in good faith, reports an emergency drug or alcohol overdose.


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