Wisconsin’s ‘Green Alert’ would spread word about missing veterans

Wisconsin appears likely to become the first U.S. state to establish a “Green Alert” system to help locate at-risk, missing veterans, The Washington Post reportsSB 473 was passed by the state Senate in January. Under the proposal, law enforcement agencies would use the state’s crime alert network (administered by the Wisconsin Department of Justice) to send along reports of missing veterans to broadcasters and outdoor advertisers. Similar alert systems already are in place in many states (including Wisconsin) for children, seniors and certain at-risk adults.

A veteran at risk would be an individual with a physical or mental health condition related to his or her service. The legislation has been named the Corey Adams Searchlight Act, in honor of an Air Force veteran in Wisconsin who passed away last year after going missing for 18 days.

Veterans make up a significant portion of the adult population in every Midwestern state, from 6.8 percent in Illinois to 10.1 percent in South Dakota. (Ohio has the largest number of veterans in the Midwest, nearly 800,000.) Rates of suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder are higher among the nation’s veterans.

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