Utah Latest State to Consider National Popular Vote Compact

This week members of the Utah Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Interim Committee discussed the possibility of the state joining the National Popular Vote Compact.  It is expected that legislation will be introduced when the Utah legislature returns to session beginning early next year.  A similar bill was also introduced last year, but it did not reach the floor.

Member states of the compact agree to replace current state rules for electing the President based on the electoral college system with rules guaranteeing election of the national popular vote winner. To date nine states have joined the compact.  Those nine states represent 132 electoral votes and include California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, Washington DC and Vermont. 

According to the compact’s language, the agreement would not be triggered until states holding at least 270 electoral votes (the same number of electoral votes needed to win the Presidency) sign onto the compact.  Even then the compact would necessitate Congressional Consent to take effect.

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