UPDATE - Sportsmen on the ballot

Four states – Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska and Wyoming – considered constitutional amendments that would protect the rights of residents to hunt and fish on Tuesday, and each state’s voters overwhelmingly supported the amendments joining 13 other states that had previously endorsed the idea: Idaho – 73% / 27%, Kentucky – 84% / 16%, Nebraska – 77% / 23% and Wyoming – 89% / 11%. Louisiana voters easily endorsed a constitutional amendment strengthening the right of that state’s residents to keep and bear arms – 74% / 26%.

Not coincidently, the five states endorsing the amendments also went very comfortably for Mr. Romney, with Louisiana’s 19-point margin being the closest contest of the night. A quick look at the 13 states that had previously endorsed similar hunting and fishing amendments showed comfortable margins for Mr. Romney in 9 jurisdictions (AL, AR, GA, LA, MT, ND, OK, SC, TN) and the remaining 4 going for Mr. Obama (MN, VT, VA, WI).