Upcoming Webinar on Clean Water Act/"Waters of the US" - Feb. 21st

Be sure to mark your calendar on February 21 at 2 PM/Eastern for the latest event in CSG's webinar series entitled: "The Clean Water Act and Waters of the U.S." In light of the Obama Administration's recent announcement that a rule may be forthcoming in 2013 which may settle the high-profile dispute with the limits of federal jurisdictional authority over "waters of the U.S.", you will want to participate in this informative event.

This webinar will help state policymakers understand the complex regulatory history over determining the jurisdiction of the federal government under the Clean Water Act. Two high-profile Supreme Court decisions have yet to clear up where those boundaries lie, and the ramifications of a potential final rulemaking will have long-lasting implications for environmental protection, economic development, natural resource development, agriculture and numerous other stakeholders within states.

Stacey Jensen, with the Headquarters Office of the Army Corps of Engineers, will share her  expertise regarding the existing regulatory guidance and the history behind the policy in place now in addition to some potential insights on what state policymakers should be considering in the near future in the clean water arena.

To register for the event, please click here.