Trends in the State Justice System: Improving Public Trust and Confidence

Judicial leaders are defining a new vision of court reform that goes beyond court reorganization and administration. The new reform issues go directly to the heart of the fairness and integrity of the justice system, the relationship of the judiciary to lawyers and other branches of government, the relationship of courts to citizens and the role of judges in serving specific needs of their communities. However, since September 11, 2001, courts are also facing increasingly urgent challenges relating to funding and security.

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About the Author
Mary Grace Hune is manager of the Information Resource Center for the National Center for State Courts. In 2001, she was editor of Annual Trends in the State Courts, along with other publications on judicial accountability and judicial performance evaluation. With a master’s degree in library science, a doctorate of jurisprudence and over 26 years of experience in information management, she is a frequent lecturer on legal information and law school educational technology.

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