Trends in Interest Group Politics in the States

The roles and activities of interest groups and lobbyists in the states have received increased attention with the shift of additional responsibilities to the states in recent years and continuing state revenue problems. The authors have been studying this issue since the early 1980s and report a number of important trends regarding the changing nature of the lobbying game in the state capitals: greater representation; more sophisticated lobbyists and multifaceted lobbying campaigns.

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About the Authors
Ronald J. Hrebenar is professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Utah. Among his many publications on interest groups is Interest Group Politics in America (3rd ed., 1997). Clive S. Thomas is professor of Political Science at the University of Alaska-Juneau and is the author of many articles, chapters and books on interest groups, including Political Parties and Interest Groups (2001). He has served as a volunteer lobbyist and teaches seminars on how to lobby to various organizations.

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