Tax Revenues in 2004: Governors Look Inward?

In 2003, governors brought their citizens up short, recognizing the precarious position of their governments and then calling on the federal government to provide relief. The federal government did come forward with some $20 billion in funds to states. These funds, along with numerous other tax and spending initiatives allowed the states to stay afloat, albeit just barely. Today, the revenue picture is a bit brighter, but not strong enough for governors to snap fiscal ships into autopilot. Many governors have now gone back to their public after a stormy year, and few are talking about federal relief.

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About the Author
Katherine G. Willoughby is professor of public administration and urban studies in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. She is the author of numerous  articles on state and local government budget and policy practices and co-author of a book on public budgeting in the United States.