Substitute Address for a Victim of Domestic Abuse

Suggested State Legislation: This Act allows victims of domestic violence or a representative to create a substitute address for them if there is a good reason to believe the victim’s safety is at risk. The address will remain confidential and guarded from databases to ensure further safety of victims. These addresses can be used by the victim when interacting with any public agency, like school districts or the motor vehicle department. This helps ensure that an abuser is unable to track a victim through these agencies.

Submitted as:
New Mexico
HB 216 (enrolled version)
Status: Enacted into law in 2007.

Suggested State Legislation: 2009 Docket

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(Title, enacting clause, etc.)

Section 1. [Short Title.] This Act shall be cited as “An Act to Enable Domestic Abuse Victims to Use a Substitute Address.”

Section 2. [Substitute Address.]
A. A victim of domestic abuse, or the victim’s representative pursuant to [insert citation], who has good reason to believe that the victim’s safety is at risk may apply to the [secretary of state] for the use of the [secretary of state] as a substitute address. The application shall be on a form provided by the [secretary of state] and shall include:
(1) a statement that the [secretary of state] is acting as an agent of the victim for purposes of the forwarding of mail;
(2) a mailing address for forwarding received mail and a telephone number where the victim can be contacted by the [secretary of state];
(3) payment of a [seventy-five-dollar ($75.00)] fee, which may be waived if the applicant is indigent; and
(4) the signature of the victim or the victim’s representative.
B. The [secretary of state] shall maintain a confidential record of applications for a substitute address and forward any mail received on behalf of a victim of domestic abuse to the new mailing address provided on the application.

Section 3. [Severability.] [Insert severability clause.]

Section 4. [Repealer.] [Insert repealer clause.]

Section 5. [Effective Date.] [Insert effective date.]