States Laws Increase Access to Naloxone for Drug Overdoses

Yesterday the Office of National Drug Control Policy urged that first responders be equipped with naloxone, a medication used to counteract opiate overdoses. Some states already have laws on the books to do just that.

In a CSG research brief posted yesterday, CSG examined laws passed by states to increase access to naloxone, sometimes known by its brand name Narcan. Twenty-one states and D.C. have passed laws that increase access to naloxone and provide civil immunity to persons administering the antidote or reduce the fear of criminal repercussions for overdose victims and bystanders when they report an overdose.

CSG also surveyed legislation introduced so far in states’ 2014 sessions and found seven new states moving to adopt these “harm reduction” laws and another seven looking to amend their current laws.

A CSG infographic provides a quick overview of facts about overdose deaths along with an interactive map of state harm reduction laws and pending legislation. 


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