State Legislative Redistricting in 2001-2002: Emerging Trends and Issues in Reapportionment

This article assesses the progress of the states in redrawing state legislative-district lines for the elections of 2002, now that the 2000 Census of Population data is in the hands of state legislatures. It describes emerging trends this decade and highlights the experience of several states in dealing with both old and new issues in redistricting. Whereas the redistricting round of the 1990s can be described as the round of racial and ethnic predominance, the 2000 round will be characterized as the rejuvenation of partisanship.

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About the Author
Ronald E. Weber is the Wilder Crane Professor of Government at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He has edited or written several books and has published numerous scholarly articles. He is also president of Campaign and Opinion Research Analysts, Inc., a governmental and political consulting firm.

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