State Budgets 2012: Michigan



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Budget Background:

  • Fiscal Year Begins: October
  • Frequency of Legislative Cycle: Annual
  • Legislative Session for 2012: Convened January 11, 2012
  • Frequency of Budget Cycle: Annual

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Budget News and Information: 2012


6/6/12: Michigan Budget Passes With $14.3 Billion For Education Funding

While next year's state budget is headed to the desk of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder months earlier than years prior, the quick pace still hasn't guaranteed satisfaction for legislators.

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5/31/12: State House, Senate Approve General Fund Budget and Send It to Snyder

The state Senate and House of Representatives approved a $7.5-billion general fund budget today, sending the spending plans for 13 state departments to Gov. Rick Snyder.

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4/24/12: Michigan Lawmakers Set to Tackle Budget

The state Legislature today is positioned to begin approving legislation completed last week by appropriations committees on budget bills that are generally thriftier than originally proposed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

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4/16/12: Legislators' Agenda Will Test Gov. Rick Snyder's Leadership

Lawmakers return from their spring break Tuesday — and back into a tug of war with Gov. Rick Snyder over the state budget that started before their vacation.

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4/13/12: Snyder Vetoes $10M in Indigent Care Money for Hospitals

Gov. Rick Snyder used a line item veto Thursday to delete $10 million for Michigan hospitals from a supplemental appropriations bill.

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4/5/12: Detroit Narrowly Avoids State Takeover

Detroit leaders reluctantly agreed Wednesday to let the state take a more active role in restructuring the cash-strapped city, reaching a deadline-beating deal that avoids the embarrassment of Michigan's governor appointing a financial overseer for City Hall.

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3/30/12: House Panel Seeks Funding Cut to U-M, MSU Over Stem Cell Research, Health Insurance

Republican members of the Michigan House higher education committee flexed their muscles Friday, passing a budget recommendation that would strip state aid from Michigan’s two most prominent universities over disagreements on stem cell research and mandatory student health insurance.

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3/22/12: Appeal coming as Michigan governor's Office Pursues Consent Agreement for Detroit

Aides to Governor Rick Snyder say the state will ask the Michigan Court of Appeals to lift a judge’s order that prohibits a deal between Michigan and Detroit to resolve the city’s budget crisis.

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3/16/12: Michigan Lawmakers May Seek Scaled-Back State Budget

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s plan to improve the state’s information technology systems and boost funding for other state services could be scaled back due to lower-than-anticipated tax revenue, according to Senate Republicans.

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3/8/12: Detroit's Mayor Asks Governor for Help

With Detroit projected to run out of money in May, Mayor Dave Bing is calling on Michigan's governor to give the city a loan rather than appoint a financial overseer who would have broad power to cut costs and break union contracts.

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3/8/12: Gov. Snyder's Public Safety Plan Puts More Officers on the Street - But Not in Mid-Michigan

Following years of state revenue sharing cuts that have decimated police staffs, mid-Michigan officials have hoped the state will open a new spigot of financial help for devastated communities.

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2/8/12: Michigan State Workers Will Avoid Furlough Days

An estimated 37,000 state of Michigan workers represented by unions won't have to take unpaid furlough days this fiscal year because of a budget surplus, state officials said Wednesday.

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Budget News and Information: Previous Budget Cycles


4/25/11: Differences Emerge in Early Michigan Budget Plans

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder would like to complete work on the next state budget by May 31, a significant departure from recent years when budget negotiations have stretched until the Oct. 1 start of the new fiscal year.

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4/14/11: Gov. Rick Snyder's Plan Cuts Homestead Credit by $200 Million

About 311,000 Michigan taxpayers would have their homestead tax credits scaled back by a combined $200 million under a proposal Gov. Rick Snyder and top Republican legislators made this week.

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4/14/2011:  Michigan House Budget Plan Lacks $50 Million Loan for New Detroit River Bridge

Republicans in the Michigan House are making their initial budget plans assuming a proposed new bridge between Detroit and Windsor won’t be built.

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3/5/11: Budget cuts to Michigan colleges deeper than expected

University officials are upset a projected 15 percent cut in state aid is really much more — and some say Gov. Rick Snyder misled them.

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