State Budgets 2012: Delaware



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Budget Background:

  • Fiscal Year Begins: July 
  • Frequency of Legislative Cycle: Annual
  • Legislative Session for 2012: Convened January 4, 2012 
  • Frequency of Budget Cycle: Annual

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Budget News and Information: 2012


4/17/12: DEFAC forecasts brighter revenue picture

The latest Delaware revenue projections are up, and in line with Gov. Jack Markell's $3.5 billion budget request in January. The state will collect $3.58 billion from taxes and fees in fiscal year 2013, which begins in July, according to projections approved Monday by the Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council, which sets budgeting parameters for state lawmakers.

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3/20/12: Panel updates Delaware revenue forecast

A state panel is updating the official revenue projections Delaware lawmakers will use in fashioning a budget for the fiscal year starting July 1. The Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council, which sets Delaware's official revenue forecast, meets Monday.

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3/3/12: State's budget deficit is growing

Hartford - The Malloy administration insisted Thursday that it will balance the state's books this year, despite new projections from the state comptroller that show a growing budget deficit.

In his monthly report Thursday to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, Comptroller Kevin Lembo said the budget is running a $95.7 million deficit. That is a $22.1 million erosion from last month.

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2/8/12: State Legislature: 2012 Session Opens with Malloy Proposing Education Reform, Pension Funding Changes

Gov. Dannel P. Malloyopened the 2012 legislative session Wednesday with plans for education reform, pension funding changes and the largest increase in funding for affordable housing since Gov. William A. O'Neill was in office more than 20 years ago.

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2/6/12: Is next state tax debate nearer than expected?

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy insists he won't seek more taxes this session after raising more than $1.5 billion last spring. But with a sluggish recovery and an expensive pension fix turning Malloy's future budget surpluses into a potential deficit by July 2013, Republicans already are questioning whether more tax talk is dead -- or simply being swept under the rug until after the November legislative elections?

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1/28/12: Markell talks budget in weekly speech

Governor Markell says state budgets are about priorities, and that's why education is such a big part of his current budget proposal.

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1/26/12: Markell Proposes $3.5B Budget

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell calls for no new tax increases in a proposed $3.54 billion operating budget for the next fiscal year that is only marginally higher than this year's budget.

The budget proposed by the Democratic governor on Thursday represents an increase of 1 percent over this year's operating budget.

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1/26/12: Governor Markell announces his Fiscal Year 2013 Recommended Budget Proposal

Governor Jack Markell today unveiled a balanced budget proposal that invests in jobs and public education, keeps the state’s commitment to critical areas like public health and safety and balances without the need to raise taxes or add new fees.  “Budgets are about priorities, and this budget makes clear that our top priorities are encouraging economic growth, making our public schools stronger, and ensuring that we are governing responsibly,” Markell said.

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1/25/12: New OFA Projection Puts Budget Deficit at $144.5 Million

In more bad financial news for the state, the legislature's nonpartisan fiscal office now says the state budget deficit has grown to a projected $144.5 million.

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Budget News and Information: Previous Budget Cycles  

6/8/11: Committee wraps up state budget drafting process

The General Assembly’s Joint Finance Committee today finished drafting Delaware’s fiscal year 2012 budget bill, but not before adding a few million more in spending initiatives to the $3.51 billion appropriations plan.

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3/21/11: State revenues up but concerns remain


Delaware is looking at an estimated increase in revenue of about $155 million for the current fiscal year and for 2012, a state panel announced Monday.

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3/9/11: Budget Breakdown - Delaware Medicaid spending

A closer look at the rising costs of Medicaid and efforts to control how much the state spends on public health care.

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3/19/11: Delaware budget: Revenue recovering to the tune of $155 million

Delaware lawmakers may have an extra $155 million to spend this spring as state tax revenue is showing signs of recovery from the economic recession.

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3/2/11: Amid proposed budget cuts, demand for social services in Delaware soars in last 3 years

The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services is bracing for budget cuts even as Gov. Jack Markell's budget calls for an increase in funding.

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3/2/11: Budget Breakdown - E-government services funding

A closer look at a recommendation to spend more on web-based state services.

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2/17/11: Dover residents put governor on hot seat

Gov. Jack Markell and members of his cabinet faced some tough questions from local residents Wednesday, Feb. 16 at an open forum.

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