State Budgets 2012: Arizona



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Budget Background:

  • Fiscal Year Begins: July 
  • Frequency of Legislative Cycle: Annual
  • Legislative Session for 2012: Convened Jan. 10, 2012
  • Frequency of Budget Cycle: Biennial

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Budget News and Information: 2012

5/8/12: Final Budget Summary

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5/7/12: Arizona governor signs new state budget she negotiated with Republican legislative leaders

Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday signed into law a new state budget that reflects the state's improving finances. The budget's spending totals just under $8.6 billion for the 2012-2013 fiscal year starting July 1.

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5/2/12: Arizona Legislature approves 2013 state budget plan

On Tuesday, the Arizona Legislature approved an $8.6 billion state budget deal they reached with Gov. Jan Brewer for next year. That’s a 0.5 percent, or $46 million increase, over this year’s budget.

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5/1/12: Arizona Senate, House OK budget

The Arizona Legislature on Tuesday approved a stay-the-course state budget for next year that contains increases for select education, public-safety, and health and welfare programs but which salts away $450 million for future hard times. The plan, passed by both the House and Senate on Tuesday, boosts spending 0.5 percent, or $46.4 million, over this year's budget, according to data from the Joint Legislative Budget Committee.

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4/26/12: AZ Cap Times: Budget Deal Near

Gov. Jan Brewer and Republican legislative leaders are on the verge of striking a deal on the state budget for 2012-2013, the Arizona Capitol Times reported Thursday.

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4/18/12: GOP leaders heeding Brewer's veto warning

After Gov. Jan Brewer yesterday told GOP legislative leaders that she will veto any bills that land on her desk before a budget is completed, the warning is being heeded in the Senate.

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4/16/12: Legislators in Arizona are pushing for more state tax cuts

Arizona lawmakers are proposing millions of dollars in tax cuts even as they say the state doesn't have any spare cash and as the biggest tax cut in state history looms in just one year.

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4/10/12: Plan to delay OK of 2013 budget dismissed

Senate leaders are dismissing speculation that the Legislature should adjourn quickly and return later this year to approve a new state budget. It’s a strategy some House Republicans have touted for weeks as work on the budget has slogged along.

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4/9/12: Democrats: We are ready and willing to work on state budget

Arizona Democrats say the number of bills left to debate is winding down, so it's time to focus on the state budget. House Democrats told CBS 5 News they have a bill ready to be discussed, but their Republican counterparts aren't too interested.

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4/5/12: GOP Legislators Move to Budget Compromise

Republican legislators will add $147 million to the 2012-13 Arizona state budget, but negotiations are at an impasse because Gov. Jan Brewer wants more, House Appropriations Committee Chairman John Kavanagh says.

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3/12/12: Arizona House Democrats unveil own budget

House Democrats released a 2012-13 spending plan Monday that would restore funding for health coverage for poor children and increase funding for education, aging school facilities, state parks and tourism — programs they say would boost job creation.

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3/3/12: Budget contrasts could impede Arizona CPS reform

Several bills aimed at reforming the state’s child-welfare system are cruising through the Legislature, but the thorniest issue may involve the budget. Gov. Jan Brewer and legislative leaders agree on funding for a new Child Protective Services investigative unit in their budget proposals. But the Legislature’s budget does not include more than $45 million that Brewer’s office says is necessary to prevent deep cuts to the agency.

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2/23/12: GOP lawmakers unveil state budget and the clash begins

Before lawmakers could begin reviewing Republican leaders’ proposed state budget this week, Gov. Jan Brewer’s office said it was dead on arrival to her desk.The proposal, released on Monday (Feb. 20) less than 18 hours before committees were scheduled to begin reviewing it, calls for $8.65 billion in spending. That’s about $200 million less than Brewer had proposed in January. The most notable differences between the two budgets is in spending for K-12 education, universities, programs for the poor and public safety.

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Budget News and Information: Previous Budget Cycles

5/10/11: Arizona revenue figures show gains from last year

Legislative budget analysts see good news in preliminary figures from Arizona's April tax collections.

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5/4/11: Talk of special session for Arizona Legislature

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has completed action on bills passed by the Legislature during its 2011 regular session. But not she and others are talking about the possibility of a special session, most likely in the fall. Potential topics includ unfinished business, namely Brewer's proposal to change state government personnel rules to make it easier to fire workers. Others include retooled versions of bills vetoed by the Republican governor. There's also the possibility that lawmakers may have to revisit the state budget if projected big savings from scaling back eligibility for enrollment in the state Medicaid program gets hung up in court and don't materialize.

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4/11/11: Hospitals, schools and county... State budget cuts hit home

Legislators representing Yavapai County readily agree the final state budget isn't pretty, but they are proud they did what they said they would do and balanced the budget without borrowing money. Local governments and health care providers say some of that balancing took place on their backs, however.

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4/1/11: Arizona House passes budget; final OK expected today

The state House worked through the night and welcomed the new month with party-line votes on the state budget.

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3/22/11: Jan Brewer opposes Senate's budget bill

Gov. Jan Brewer wants to move the needle back on the budget cuts approved last week by the state Senate and endorsed - at least in concept - by House Speaker Kirk Adams.

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3/16/11: Brewer scales back plan to cut Medicaid

Gov. Jan Brewer has issued a new plan to eliminate fewer people from the state's Medicaid rolls by freezing enrollment, requiring patients who remain to pay more for their care and reducing the amount paid to health-care providers.


3/16/11: Arizona Senate advancing Republican budget plan

The Arizona Senate is advancing a budget plan with spending cuts that majority Republicans say are overdue to fit state spending to state revenue.

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3/10/11: Arizona lawmakers revenue limit for state budgets in the future.

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives voted Wednesday to put a cap on how much money they can spend in future budgets.

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3/9/11: Spending limits passed

Saying the budget has been bloated in the past, state senators voted Wedensday for a measure they believe will keep that from happening again once the economy recovers.

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3/5/11: Arizona Republicans push steeper state budget cuts

Republican lawmakers are working on a plan to cut up to 60 percent more in spending from next year's budget than the $1 billion Gov. Jan Brewer has proposed.

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2/28/11: Ariz. gov says she's eying options on Medicaid cut

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says her administration is exploring ways to scale back the impact of her proposal to drop Medicaid coverage for 250,000 people to help balance the state budget.

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3/2/11: Secretary of State visits UA: College Republicans hear talk concerning state buget status

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett demystified the state budget for members of the College Republicans on Tuesday. Bennett gave a presentation sorting and tracking the budget by its category of spending and revenue source to about 40 students. The College Republicans brought him to campus as one of its weekly speakers.

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3/2/11: Increases in state revenue reported

Legislative budget analysts report what they say is clearly a significant development in Arizona’s economic recovery.

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