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Budget Background:

  • Fiscal Year Begins: July 
  • Frequency of Legislative Cycle: Annual
  • Legislative Session for 2012: Convened Jan. 17, 2012
  • Frequency of Budget Cycle: Annual

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Budget News and Information: 2012

5/15/12: FY 2013 Enacted Budget

Read more: Office of the Governor (multiple budget documents)

5/14/12: Governor Parnell Approves Budget Priorities, Maintains Spending Limit and Reduces Budget Items

Governor Sean Parnell today signed into law three budget bills for Fiscal Year 2013. The governor also signed into law a $453.5 million general obligation bond package for statewide transportation projects that will go to the voters in November. The budget bills passed by the Legislature maintain the spending limit set by Governor Parnell and focused on the administration’s key priorities of education, public safety, military support, transportation and infrastructure, and resource and economic development.

Read more: Office of the Governor (press release)

4/21/12: Capital budget will keep pump primed for construction

The $2.94 billion state capital budget for fiscal year 2013 approved in the closing hours of the 2012 legislative session is chock-full of projects. The good news, however, is that the spending total is within the range that Gov. Sean Parnell and legislative leaders agreed on, and Parnell says he will make minimal vetoes from the bill.

Read more: Alaska Journal of Commerce

4/16/12: Special session called after legislature fails to pass oil tax changes

It was a wild ride on the last day of the 2012 legislative session, and now Gov. Sean Parnell has called lawmakers back to take care of unfinished business – changes to the state’s oil and gas production tax.

Read more: Alaska Journal of Commerce

4/16/12: $2.9 billion capital budget headed to governor

The Alaska House on Sunday passed a $2.9 billion state infrastructure budget. Sunday's 37-2 vote came near the end of the last day of the Legislature's regular session. The measure now goes to the governor. The figure does not include a roughly $450 million bond issue for state transportation projects.

Read more: Anchorage Daily News

4/15/12: 2012 Legislature - Capital Budget - Projects by House District

Read more: Legislative Finance Division

4/8/12: Senate capital budget totals $2.6 billion

The Senate unveiled its $2.6 billion capital budget over the weekend, a goody-laden bill that includes more than $380 million in earmarked projects for the Anchorage area -- but nothing for the Knik Arm bridge and only a portion of the amount sought for Anchorage port construction.

Read more: Anchorage Daily News

4/4/12: Senate Passes Operating and Mental Health Budgets

The $9.5 billion fiscal year 2013 operating and mental health budgets, House Bill 284 and House Bill 285, passed the Alaska State Senate Wednesday. The operating budget will include $6.28 billion in general funds, $2.01 billion in federal funds and $1.21 billion in other state funds. This budget is used to fund Alaska’s day-to-day activities.

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4/4/12: Senate Operating Budget Increases Savings Accounts

The Senate has finished work on its operating budget for next year and there’s a lot of agreement with it.  The measure passed unanimously in a floor vote this afternoon.    In presenting the bill,  Finance Co-Chair Lyman Hoffman (D-Bethel) said the plan spends a total of nearly $9.5 billion more than $6 billion of that from state revenue.

Read more: Alaska Public Radio Network

4/4/12: State transportation fund takes step forward

The Senate Transportation Committee Tuesday approved amending the Alaska Constitution to create a new Transportation Fund, despite the existing prohibitions on dedicated funds. Rep. Peggy Wilson, R-Wrangell, said the new political reality of federal budget shortfalls will mean Alaska will have to pay for more of its own highway, airport and ferry needs.

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3/28/12: 'Roads to Resources' Not Worth the Expense, Conservationists Say: Parnell Administration Argues Access Makes Alaska More Attractive to Investors

A new report by conservation groups on Gov. Sean Parnell's plan to build roads to resource-rich parts of Alaska claims the projects will cost much more than most people realize.The study comes at an important time, with lawmakers weeks away from making a decision on next year’s budget.The study's backers, including The Wilderness Society, oppose building long roads across the Arctic tundra -- but they say this issue is not so much about the environment as it is about making wise use of state money.

Read more:  KTUU Channel 2 News

3/27/12: Senate Finance Committee considering $9.5B state operating budget

The Senate Finance Committee is considering a state operating budget that's virtually the same size as the bill that passed the House but also makes some marked changes.

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3/22/12: Session clock winds down with pressure on budget, energy

The clock is winding down in the capitol toward the Legislature’s required adjournment April 15. Oil taxes are at the top of the priority list, Senate President Gary Sevens says, but attention is now being pressed on other issues, including the state budget.The House has passed its version of the operating budget to the Senate. The Senate is now reviewing it, and will pass its changes back to the House.

Read more: Alaska Journal of Commerce

3/16/12: Alaska House passes $9.5 billion state operating budget

The Alaska House on Thursday passed a $9.5 billion state operating budget.The 31-5 early evening vote came after hours of debate, split over two floor sessions. The dissenting votes came from minority Democrats, including Rep. Mike Doogan, who said the budget is too fat.The spending plan compares to the $9 billion budget enacted for the current year, and could still grow: The Senate gets it next.

Read more: The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

3/13/12: House Finance Committee takes up amendments, considering $9.5B state operating budget

The House Finance Committee plans to advance the state operating budget Wednesday, after adding dozens of additional spending items and other amendments.

Read more: Associated Press

3/5/12: Legislature taking a breather at halfway point

The Alaska Legislature is taking a breather this week, after reaching the halfway point of the 90-day session ... The committee schedule gets lighter after Monday, which stands to be a busy day, with U.S. Sen. Mark Begich delivering his annual address to a joint session of the Legislature and the House Finance Committee expected to unveil its rewrite of a state operating budget. Public testimony on the budget proposal is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Read more: Associated Press

2/23/12: Big issues loom, but legislators make progress on budget

The Legislature passed day 40 in its 2012 session Feb. 24, with 50 days left to go before the required April 15 adjournment. The big issues, mainly oil taxes and school funding, are percolating mostly in the background, but lawmakers are making steady progress on their major responsibility, developing the state budget for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1.

Read more: The Alaska Journal of Commerce


Budget News and Information: Previous Budget Cycles

5/26/11: Parnell plans big cuts to Legislature's capital budget

Gov. Sean Parnell said Thursday that it is his intent to pare the state capital budget down to $2.8 billion--meaning he'd have to trim nearly a whopping $400 million.

Read more: The Associated Press

5/23/11: Capital budget vetoes likely on the way

The legislature's $3.1 billion state capital budget is headed for some reductions through vetoes by Gov. Sean Parnell, but it will still help steady the state's economy.

Read more: Morris News Service-Alaska

5/20/11: Capital budget vetoes likely, but contractors will stay busy this summer

The Legislature's $3.1 billion state captial budget is headed for some reductions through vetoes by Gov. Sean Parnell, but it will still help steady the state's economy.

Read more: Alaska Journal of Commerce

5/14/11: It's a wrap: Alaska Legislature adjourns

The Alaska Legislature adjourned late Saturday until next year, sending Gov. Sean Parnell a 2012 capital budget that totals at least $3.2 billion.

Read more: Alaska Dispatch

5/11/11: Alaska Senate OKs capital budget

The Alaska Senate passed a $2.8 billion capital budget late Tuesday, as significant development as the special session entered its final week.

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5/5/11: Alaska's budget dispute puts federal dollars in jeopardy

The state Senate president said Wednesday his chamber could be nearing resolution with Gov. Sean Parnell in the budget impasse at the Capitol. But disagreements between legislative chambers appeared to be unresolved, and the state's budget director said Alaska stands to lose significant federal aid if it waits too long to approve annual construction and capital spending plans.

Read more: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

4/26/11: Budget negotiations shrink school repair list

The latest capital budget compromise cuts more than $45 million worth of Southeast Alaska school maintenance projects. Damaged roofs, rotting walls, electrical upgrades and numerous other repairs will have to wait - unless they're restored.

Read more: KSTK Radio

4/19/11: Parnell to Senate: Pass a capital budget

Gov. Sean Parnell is repeating his call for the Senate to send the House a state capital budget. Parnell, in a letter to leadership Tuesday, accuses the leaders of the Senate Finance Committee as trying to hold "sacred" nearly $400 million in energy projects and of trying to elicit commitments from him and the House that they won't be touched.

Read more: Associated Press

4/15/11: Talks between House, Senate continue on capital budget; more at stake than infrastructure aid

Alaska House and Senate leaders say talks continue toward agreement on a state capital budget.

Read more: Associated Press

4/11/11: Senate panel proposes nearly $2.9B capital budget; gov has threatened cuts if oil bill stalls

The Senate Finance Committee unveiled the hotly anticipated state capital budget Monday, a $2.9 billion spending plan that includes energy and school construction projects, as well as $500 million in savings.

Read more: Associated Press

4/1/11: Alaska Senate passes $9B state operating budget

The Alaska Senate has passed a $9 billion state operating budget, which includes $20 million for a new revenue sharing program and keeps out funding to begin preliminary operations of the Goose Creek Correctional Center.

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3/25/11: Budget, oil tax bill pressed as session enters last weeks

The clock is ticking down for the 2011 legislative session. Roughly three weeks remain for lawmakers to finish work on next year's state budget and the most pressing bills.

Read more: Alaska Journal of Commerce

3/24/11: Senate considering nearly $9B operating budget

The Senate Finance Committee is considering a nearly $9 billion state operating budget, slightly more than the Alaska House passed, slightly less than Gov. Sean Parnell proposed.

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3/18/11: No magic method for controlling rising state Medicaid budget

State officials and legislators are working to contain spiraling health care costs in the state budget. There's no magic method they're finding.

Read more: Alaska Journal of Commerce

3/13/11: Legislature: Budget bills moving but problems loom for oil tax reform

With the legislative session nearly two-thirds over, the state House last week moved an $8.9 billion operating budget to the Senate for its review. Lawmakers whacked more than $16 million from Gov. Sean Parnell's original proposal but acknowledged that the spending plan will grow significantly once $129 million in additional health care costs that the federal government will no longer pay are added in.

Read more: Alaska Dispatch

3/9/11: Committee fails to restore tourism, pre-K money

The House Finance Committee passed a budget Tuesday evening, but controversial issues remain to be debated on the House Floor or later in the Senate.

Read more: Juneau Empire

3/9/11: House panel approves a nearly $8.9 billion state operating budget; cuts from governor's plan

The Alaska House Finance Committee on Tuesday approved an $8.9 billion state operating budget for the next fiscal year, cutting about $19 million from Gov. Sean Parnell's spending plan.

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3/1/11: Committee to Begin Hearing Budget Requests

Advocates of pre-kindergarten and other programs hope to win funding from the Alaska Legislature when the House Finance Committee begins to take testimony on the state budget today.

Read more: Juneau Empire

2/22/11: Alaska Rep: House seeks to craft restrained budget

A leader of the Alaska House Finance Committee says the panel wants to exercise restraint in crafting a state operating budget. But Rep. Bill Thomas says that could be tough considering the cuts and changes being eyed at the federal level.

Read more: Bloomberg