Staffing the Governor’s Office: A Comparative Analysis

The amount of staff support assigned to the governor’s office varies considerably from state to state. Staffing levels tend to be higher in states where the scope and complexity of work facing state government is greater and in states where the Progressive Era reforms to foster direct democracy have not been adopted.

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About the Authors
Patrick Fisher received his Ph.D. in political science from Washington State University and is currently an assistant professor of political science at Seton Hall University. He is the author of Congressional Budgeting: A Representational Perspective and has had articles published in the Social Science Journal, Publius, Party Politics, Transportation Quarterly and White House Studies.

David Nice is a professor of political science at Washington State University. Books written by Nice include Public Budgeting, Policy Innovation in State Government, Amtrak, The Politics of Intergovernmental Relations and The Presidency.