Sportsmen on the ballot

While hunting and fishing rights as well as gun control have not been major issues in this year’s Presidential election – though as I understand it Congressman Ryan is an avid hunter when he’s not working out – the issue is at play in several states this election cycle.

Four states – Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska and Wyoming – are considering constitutional amendments that would protect the rights of residents to hunt and fish, subject to state regulations. Each clearly states that hunting and fishing will be the preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife populations. At present, 13 states maintain such constitutional protections with 10 of these states having adopted such protections since 2000. The measures have been pushed by the NRA as part of its national campaign to protect and broaden hunting and fishing rights and are supported by numerous sportsmen and outdoor organizations around the country.

Interestingly, despite the intensity of conversation by many gun owner’s concerned with re-electing President Obama, only one state is considering a constitutional amendment tied to firearms. Louisiana’s Amendment 2 seeks to strengthen the right to keep and bear arms.