Southern California Edison

2012 National Leadership Conference

CSG Energy & Environment Policy Task Force
Siting Large-scale Renewable Energy Projects:
Federal, State and Private Sector Perspectives
May 18, 2012

The Obama administration announced dramatic goals for developing alternative energy. What does that mean for states and what considerations should policymakers undertake to turn aspirations into reality? Panelists provided insight from federal, state and private sector perspectives in siting large-scale, commercial renewable energy power plants. This session  covered the financial, regulatory and stakeholder process associated with developing complex projects to help states anticipate future challenges. 

Presentation by Laura Genao, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Southern California Edison Company

Southern California Edison

Laura Genao
Laura Genao is a director of regulatory affairs for Southern California Edison Company. In that role, Laura manages advocacy of the company’s position regarding renewable and conventional procurement, greenhouse gas emissions and distribution level transmission policy before the California Public Utilities Commission. Prior to this position, Laura was the manager of regulatory and legislative matters in the Renewable and Alternative Power section of Southern California Edison Company. In that role, Laura coordinated the development of the company’s policies with regard to renewable electricity and alternative power. Laura also spent several years as regulatory attorney for SCE, representing the company on issues such as long-term procurement planning, issues surrounding cost recovery for new generation, cost of capital, and development of a regulatory framework for greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Laura received her J.D. from Columbia University School of Law and an undergraduate degree in History and Literature from Harvard College. Before becoming an attorney, Laura was a member of Teach for America, where she taught middle and high school English, Spanish and Journalism in Pasadena, Calif. She also spent a few years as a newspaper reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, where she was part of a team of reporters nominated for the 1997 Pulitzer Prize. In her spare time, Laura serves as president of the Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice.