SLC Report: Wind Energy in Southern States

This SLC Special Series Report, the first part in a series, examines wind energy in the Southern region.

Legislators often are faced with balancing business interests with environmental protection. Because Southern states are rich in traditional energy resources, as the renewable energy sector has grown, so have concerns about job losses.

Wind energy can provide economic and environmental benefits to states, while adding to the diversification of a state’s energy portfolio. These benefits include long-term cost competitiveness, economic development, support for rural, agrarian communities and reductions in energy-related water use.

Renewable energy generation technologies are experiencing unprecedented growth. Aided by state and federal tax credits, production costs are declining and implementation is increasing.


Forthcoming reports in this series will:

  • Present case studies from three SLC states
  • Examine SLC states’ capacity for wind energy generation and utilization
  • Analyze state incentives
  • Explore the challenges of wind energy generation in the region


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SLC Report: Wind Energy in Southern States