Road Usage Charge: An Update from the West

Many believe that taxes paid at the gas pump are what financially support roads, bridges, buses, trains and other public transit. While it is true that gas tax revenues are used to build and maintain transportation infrastructure, this revenue stream is no longer sufficient to pay for public transportation needs. Several states have begun to explore alternatives to the gas tax, such as the road usage charge—also known as the mileage-based user fee and the Vehicle Miles Traveled method. This eCademy session from The Council of State Governments West provided an overview of the road usage charge, as well as an update on how pilot programs are beginning to take shape in a few Western states. 


Road Usage Charge: An Update from the West
Tuesday, March 22, 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT
Presented by CSG West

Download the slides in PDF. 

Reema Griffith
Executive director, Washington State Transportation Commission
Jim Whitty
Manager, Office of Innovative Partnerships and Alternative Funding
Oregon Department of Transportation


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