Results coming in from states’ drug testing of welfare recipients

A yearlong pilot program in Michigan to screen welfare recipients for drug use found no substance abusers, legislators were told. The program tested 14 of 443 participants (either applicants or recipients) of the state’s Family Independence Program in three counties between October 2015 and September 2016, according to The Detroit News.

Only one applicant was found to have a “reasonable suspicion of use of a controlled substance and required a substance use test,” said a report from the Department of Health and Human Services. (That person dropped off the welfare roll before being drug-tested, for an unrelated reason, the report said.)
Kansas and Wisconsin are the only other Midwestern states that currently require welfare recipients to take drug tests. In Kansas, 5,541 adults were subject to that requirement from January through September 2015. Of the 260 people actually tested, 66 tested positive.
Since November 2015, Wisconsin tested 1,305 applicants in the Wisconsin Works and Transform Milwaukee Jobs programs, with 30 referred for drug screening. Of those, eight failed and were referred for treatment; two failed and refused treatment.
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