Resolution Supporting Education Reforms that Address Workforce Demands and Grow State Economies

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WHEREAS, education is the single most important key to our nation’s long-term success and to the future of each and every child; and

WHEREAS, States are at the forefront of working to adapt educational institutions to today’s realities and prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing, global economy; and

WHEREAS, ensuring all students are college- and/or career-ready is critical to meeting current workforce needs and a more educated population benefits not only the workers, but also future
generations and the broader economy; and 

WHEREAS, technical and community colleges and apprenticeship programs play a pivotal role in meeting the needs of difficult-to-fill skilled trade positions; and

WHEREAS, today in the United States there are nearly 5.2 million job openings and 8.3 million unemployed; and

WHEREAS, the unemployment rate drops with every additional level of education attained; and 

WHEREAS, there is a strong correlation between higher levels of education attainment and higher median wages; and

WHEREAS, by 2025, 65 percent of all jobs in the United States economy will require some form of postsecondary education and/or training beyond high school, with 35 percent of all jobs requiring at least a bachelor’s degree and 30 percent of all jobs requiring some college or an associate’s degree; and

WHEREAS, those federal education reforms that have proven to be the most successful acknowledge the role of state officials in education decision-making, promote flexibility for States in the development of educational programming and standards and observe the principles of federalism.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, The Council of State Governments requests that the Congress and the Executive Branch pursue educational policies that promote and ensure state
flexibility and a healthy state-federal partnership in the vital task of educating America’s children and growing our economy.

Adopted December 13, 2015 by The Council of State Governments’ Executive Committee.