Resolution in Support of Military Base Sustainability Efforts

WHEREAS, protecting water resources has the potential to benefit both local communities and federal facilities; and
WHEREAS, improving wildlife habitats around federal facilities is in the best interest of both state and federal officials; and
WHEREAS, expanding the public’s understanding about how critical state efforts to protect valuable natural resources through sustainability efforts not only provides a valuable public service, but also promotes the federal mission of economic welfare and environmental sensitivity; and
WHEREAS, sustainability efforts around military installation being led by DOD represent a significant first step toward both protecting natural resources and improving national security; and 
WHEREAS, state governments must also play a key role in sustainability planning in and around federal installations, including, but not limited to military bases; and
WHEREAS, improved coordination between federal agencies and state governments should allow both state and federal officials to better meet the needs of all stakeholders, including their various constituencies.
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that The Council of State Governments calls on Congress and the Administration to enable and encourage federal agencies to enter into partnerships, including memorandum of understandings, with state governments to provide for the better management of land in and around military and other federal facilities; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that The Council of State Governments and its members also urges the establishment of an intra-agency sustainability coordinator or a sustainability coordination program to assist state agencies and communities better work with federal agencies to address common concerns.
Approved on October 23, 2011 at CSG’s National Conference in Bellevue, Washington.