Resolution on Protecting Access and Encouraging Bioscience and Pharmaceutical Innovation

NOTE: This resolution has expired.

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All Resolutions Passed at the 2008 Spring Meeting

WHEREAS, according to the Food and Drug Administration, the number of medicines under development by America’s pharmaceutical and bioscience industries continues to increase each year, and each of these innovations offer hope and relief to patients with disease that often have no other successful treatment options; and

WHEREAS, innovative therapies being created by America’s research-based pharmaceutical and bioscience industries are more important to the health care system than ever before by making it possible to prevent or slow the progress of many diseases and avoid costly hospitalization and invasive surgeries; and

WHEREAS, only one of every 10,000 potential medicines researched by America’s pharmaceutical and bioscience industries is approved by the FDA, and such approval takes an average of 15 years of research and development costing more than $800 million; and

WHEREAS, establishing a supportive business and regulatory climate at the state level for pharmaceutical and bioscience innovation will ultimately create more high skill employees, better jobs, increased opportunities for higher-learning and universities through public/private partnerships, and higher revenues for states through payroll and corporate taxes; now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that The Council of State Governments supports state efforts to promote pharmaceutical and bioscience innovation as it is in the best interest of both our states’ economic growth and prosperity, as well as the public health of our citizens;

NOW BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that The Council of State Governments encourages states to support pharmaceutical and bioscience innovation, which could include the establishment of a Life Sciences Advisory Board, Joint Committee on Biosciences, and/or a focused legislative subcommittee to enhance the legislature’s ability to direct state policies towards innovation growth and biopharmaceutical awareness.

Adopted this 31st Day of May, 2008 at the CSG 75th Anniversary Celebration and Spring Meeting in Lexington, Kentucky.