Resolution on the Patient-Centered Medical Home

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All Resolutions Passed at the 2007 Annual Conference

WHEREAS, the patient-centered medical home provides a whole-person orientation that includes care for all stages of life, acute care, chronic care, preventive services, and end of life care; and

WHEREAS, patients in a patient-centered medical home actively participate in decision-making and feedback is sought to ensure patients’ expectations are being met; and

WHEREAS, care in the patient-centered medical home is integrated across all elements of the health care system and the patients’ community to assure that patients received the indicated care when and where they need in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner; and

WHEREAS, when minorities have a medical home, racial and ethnic differences in terms of medical access disappear as noted in “Closing the Divide: How Medical Homes Promote Equity in Health Care” as published by the Commonwealth Fund (June 2007): and

WHEREAS, four national physician organizations (AAP, AAFP, ACP, AOA) representing more than 333,000 physicians across the country have developed joint principles that describe the characteristics of the patient-centered medical home; and

WHEREAS, The National Committee for Quality Assurance is developing a patient-centered medical home designation program for physician practices meeting specific criteria; and

WHEREAS, a patient-centered medical home for every American has a potential national savings of $67 billion per year with improvement in the quality of health care provided; and

WHEREAS, the federal Tax Relief and Health Care Act calls for a three-year medical home demonstration project to be conducted in eight states with an estimated start in 2009;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED, that the Council of State Governments support the Joint Principles of the Patient-Centered Medical Home as a guideline for states to improve the health of its citizens, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Council of State Governments encourage states to implement and fund pilot programs to demonstrate the quality, safety, value, and effectiveness of the patient-centered medical home.

Adopted this 14th Day of November, 2007 at the CSG Annual State Trends and Leadership Forum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma