Resolution Endorsing the NASS Regional Primary Initiative

NOTE: This resolution has expired.

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WHEREAS, The Council of State Governments (CSG) seeks to provide states with innovative ideas and concepts which encourage civic responsibility and strengthen the democratic process through increased overall voter turnout; and

WHEREAS, Many state elected officials who guide the activities of CSG are recognized experts in election administration issues, including a number of members of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) who serve on the CSG Governing Board; and

WHEREAS, The anticipated 2008 state primary election date schedule appears to have been haphazardly arranged from a race to the front of the calendar with little consideration for input from distinctly different regions; and

WHEREAS, After careful deliberation and consideration of a variety of alternatives, NASS has formally endorsed a Regional Primary concept designed to prevent the “front loading” of the national primary system and to ensure that each state and region of the nation has the opportunity to influence Presidential Primaries; and

WHEREAS, NASS has requested that The Council of State Governments endorse the NASS Regional Primary proposal designed to emphasize thoughtful consideration through coordinated regional input over a more protracted period of time.

THEREFORE, BE IT SO RESOLVED that The Council of State Governments
strongly supports the Regional Primary concept designed and endorsed by the National Association of Secretaries of State.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that The Council of State Governments will request each of CSG’s regions to highlight the NASS regional primary concept through presentations at their individual regional meetings and through their regional publications.

FINALLY, BE IT RESOLVED that The Council of State Governments will undertake whatever actions are deemed appropriate by their membership to encourage the various state legislatures to adopt the Regional Primary system advanced by NASS.

Adopted this 13th day of June 2007, at the CSG 2007 Spring Committee & Task Force Meetings in Puerto Rico

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