Repeal and Replace the ACA: Keeping Up on the Latest

Kaiser Health News has created a special website to keep track of news about changes to the Affordable Care Act. KHN says it will provide analysis, explanation, investigation and data on its site called Repeal & Replace Watch. You can bookmark this on your browser.

For instance, today you can see a CNN video of the portion of President-elect Trump’s press conference on Jan. 11 and hear exactly what he said about his intention to repeal and replace the ACA simultaneously, or nearly simultaneously. A separate article features little-known requirements of the ACA that repeal could affect including calorie counts on chain restaurant menus, employer-provided private spaces for breast-feeding mothers and insurance coverage for habilitative care for children with autism and people with degenerative diseases in individual and small group plans.

While the reconciliation bill passed by the Senate on Jan. 11, sets up a timeline for repeal, there seems to be no agreement on a replacement plan yet. However, a number of proposals have been prepared that may influence the ultimate shape of any bill in Congress or proposal by Pres. Trump.

The Heritage Foundation is said to be advising President-elect Trump. The latest paper on their website is titled “Preparing a Smooth Transition for the Repeal of Obamacare.” Speaker Paul Ryan released a healthcare plan in last year. Here is the speaker’s more recent (Jan. 5, 2017) press release on repeal and replacement. Rep. Tom Price, now the nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, introduced in May 2015 HR 2300, the Empowering Patients First Act. Rep. Price’s website has the full text and a detailed description of the bill. The Trump campaign website has a healthcare reform section