Reminder - Webinar Tomorrow on Understanding How EPA Clean Air Rules are Derived

Be sure to join tomorrows' webinar entitled "Understanding How EPA Clean Air Rules are Derived." Our panelists' thought-provoking presentations will be sure to foster a lively and informative discussion! To register for the event, please click here.

Understanding the complex, jargon-filled world of Clean Air Act regulations can be a daunting task for policymakers and the public. Critics of the rules contend they are often too stringent and pose threats to the economy and jobs, while supporters laud the potential public health benefits and environmental improvements that new standards could provide. Underpinning these sometimes controversial rules are cost-benefit analyses developed by the EPA which help drive the case for new regulation.

How are these studies developed in the first place? What assumptions are made and why? CSG's panel of Clean Air and toxicology experts will help provide context and plain-language explanations of how these cost-benefit studies are developed and the corresponding implications for states.

Panelists are:

  • Michael E. Honeycutt, director, Toxicology Division, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Stephanie Shirley, toxicologist, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • John D. Walke, senior attorney and director, Clean Air and Climate Program, Natural Resources Defense Council

For more background on the webinar series, including speaker bios and registration information, please click here.