Redistricting 2011: Decisions of a Decade

Redistricting 2011: Decisions of a Decade
Sponsored by the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee
Sunday, Dec.5 | 2-3:30 p.m.

Since the 17th Amendment severed the direct relationship between state legislatures and the U.S. Senate nearly 100 years ago, the redistricting process has become the single most important lever for states to influence the composition of Congress.  This session explored the challenges before states as they embark on this vital task.

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  • Cathy McCully, chief, Census 2010 Redistricting Data Office
    U.S. Census Chief, Cathy McCully addressed the committee and answered questions. McCully is responsible for ensuring all phases of the redistricting data program are managed successfully.  
  • Douglas Johnson, fellow, Rose Institute for State and Local Government
    Douglas Johnson is an expert on redistricting, having authored a 50-state analysis of redistricting procedures, and serving as a consultant to a number of states, he provided a national overview and reviewed lessons learned from past efforts.