Reciprocity Compact Drafting Team Meets to Discuss Key Compact Principles

The first Drafting Team meeting for the Multi-State Distance Education Reciprocity Compact began with introductions followed by a review of the compacts mechanism and the opportunities it presented.  The Drafting Team then launched into a discussion of the key priciples to guide the drafting of the compact.  After this discussion and lunch, the drafters reviewed their earlier work and refined the language of the outline developed during the morning meeting.  The drafters also reviewed comments from the Advisory Panel and made additions to the outline as needed.

The drafters plan to spend the second day of the meeting reviewing and expanding their earlier work, exploring the constituencies affected by the compact, identifying next steps, making group assignments, and crafting a workplan with proposed activities and a timeline.

For more information on the compact, please visit the National Center for Interstate Compacts' website by clicking here.