Pursuing and Controlling Child Predators Statement

Suggested State Legislation: NetChoice is “A coalition of trade associations, ecommerce businesses, and online consumers, all of whom share the goal of promoting convenience, choice and commerce on the Net.” (see http://www.netchoice.org/about/). NetChoice developed a model law in 2008 based upon compilation of sections from legislation that has been passed in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri and Virginia to empower parents, educate children and catch and control sexual predators on the Internet. The model Act is designed to create a comprehensive approach for empowering parents, protecting children and pursuing and controlling child predators on the Internet.

Missouri Title 38, Section 566.153 (2008).]
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Status: Interested parties should contact NetChoice to get an update about state actions on this model.

Suggested State Legislation: 2010 Docket

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The model Act:
• requires Internet access providers to make available to subscribers a product or service that controls a child’s use of the Internet. [see Georgia O.C.G.A. 39-5-2 (2008) and Louisiana law R.S. 51:1426 (2008).]
• requires teaching online safety in the classroom. [see Georgia O.C.G.A. 20-2-149 (2008), Indiana IC 20-30-5.5 (2006), Louisiana R.S. 17:280 (2008), and Virginia § 22.1-70.2 (2006).]
• increases post-conviction controls on convicted sex offenders. [see Georgia O.C.G.A. 42-8-35 (2008), Indiana IC 11-13-3-4 (2008), and Louisiana R.S. 15:561.5 (2008).]
• requires sex offenders to register their usernames used on interactive online forums. [see Georgia O.C.G.A. 39-5-3 (2008), Indiana IC 11-8-8-11(2008), and Louisiana R.S. 15:549 (2008).]
• requires online services to preserve and disclose customer information pursuant to law enforcement requests. [see Louisiana R.S. 15:545.1 (2008).]
• expands child porn reporting obligations. [see Georgia OCGA 39-5-4 (2008) and Louisiana R.S. 15:545.1 (2008).]
• criminalizes Internet sexual exploitation.[see Colorado 18-3-405.4 (2007).]
• criminalizes the luring of a child. [see Colorado 18-3-306 (2007).]
• criminalizes age misrepresentation with intent to solicit a child. [see