Public Notice of a Meeting of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission June 24, 2016 in Salt Lake City, UT

Notice of Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission Full Commission Meeting


Pursuant to Article VI Section I of the adopted Bylaws of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission and of Section 11, Subsection H of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, duly adopted by the Legislative Bodies of, and, signed into law by the hand of the Governors of the assembled member states of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission, notice of a public meeting of the full Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission is hereby served.

The meeting will be held

Friday June 24, 2016

8:00am-4:30pm (MT)

Utah State Office Building Auditorium

450 North State Street

Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Call In Number: (701) 801-1220                    Meeting ID: 448-099-674

For more information on this regularly scheduled meeting of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission, IMLCC Committee Meetings, or other information, please contact Commission Chairman Ian Marquand at  


Full Commission Meeting 


Location:        Utah State Office Building- Auditorium

                      450 North State Street

                      Salt Lake City, UT 84414


Call In:           Call In (701) 801-1220                     Meeting ID: 448-099-674


Date:               Friday June 24th, 2016   


Time:              8:00am-4:30pm (MT)


  1. Call to Order                                                                 Chairman Marquand
  2. Roll Call/Establishment of Quorum                              Secretary Shepard
  3. Welcome of New Commissioners                                  Chairman Marquand
    1. Presentation of Credentials
  4. Approval of Agenda                                                     Secretary Shepard
  5. Review and Approval of Minutes                                  Secretary Shepard
  1. March 31-April 1, 2016 Meeting
  1. Report on Compact Status                                          Chair Marquand, FSMB,CSG
  2. Chairperson’s Report                                                  Chair Marquand
  3. Committee Reports                                                     
  1. Executive Committee                                                   Chairman Marquand
  2. Budget Committee/Treasurer’s Report                         Treasurer Zachariah
  3. Funding Committee                                                      Vice-Chair Thomas
  4. Communications Committee                                        Commissioner Hansen
  5. Personnel Committee                                                   Chairman Marquand
  6. Public Comment Hearing                                            Commissioner Bowden (Hearing Regarding IMLCC Rules Proposal on Rulemaking )
  7. Rulemaking
    1. Commission Consideration/Decision on Proposed Rule on Rulemaking
  8. Committee Reports- Continued
  9. Bylaws and Rules Committee                                      Commissioner Bowden
  10. Lunch  *served for Commission members only-working lunch
  11. Ad Hoc Committee on Licensing                               Commissioner Bowden; Commissioner Hansen
  12. Committee Reports-Continued
  13. Technology Committee                                              Commissioner Bohnenblust
  14. Consideration of Timeline to Licensure                    Chairman Marquand

(with Executive Committee recommendation)

  1. Reports from Supporting Organizations                 CSG, FSMB
  2. Scheduling of Next IMLCC Meeting(s)                     Full Commission
  3. Announcement of IMLCC Committee Meetings
  4. Public Comments
  5. Final Commission Comments                                 Full Commission
  6. Adjourn