Principal and Teacher Effectiveness

Principal and Teacher Effectiveness SSL Draft 


This draft Act codifies a state council for educator effectiveness that was originally established by executive order, sets the composition of the council, and requires it to make recommendations to the state board of education about how to improve and evaluate the effectiveness of teachers, principals, and other, related, licensed personnel. 
The Act directs the state board of education to use the recommendations of the council to develop and adopt by rules guidelines to evaluate the effectiveness of teachers and principals. It establishes basic criteria and performance standards that must be addressed by or included in the rules. 
The Act requires the legislature to review the rules and gives the legislature the authority to repeal such rules. All school districts and boards of cooperative educational services must adjust their local performance evaluation systems to meet or exceed the new guidelines issued under the rules. 
The Act directs the state department of education to work with school districts and boards of cooperative services to implement the new guidelines, and to provide a resource bank that identifies assessments, processes, tools, and policies districts can use to modify their systems to comply. 
The general goals of the Act are to ensure that teachers and principals are evaluated using fair and valid methods, improve classroom instruction, enable their professional growth and development, and improve hiring and firing decisions. The Act ties part of such evaluations to the academic growth of students. 
The Act creates a Great Teachers and Leaders Fund and permits the state department of education to accept grants to and make grants from the fund. The Act continuously appropriates money in the Great Teachers and Leaders Fund to the department to pay the costs to implement the Act. 
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Status: Enacted into law in 2010. 

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