Policymakers Facing Big Challenges: CSG policy staff outlines top issues for 2012

The Council of State Governments’ policy staff has created lists of the top issues they expect to be challenges this year and how each of them could affect states, ranging from health care and education to transportation and fiscal issues.

View the Top 5 Issues for 2012 in Education, Energy & Environmental Policy, Fiscal & Economic Policy, Health, Interstate Compacts, and Transportation

A message from CSG Executive Director / CEO David Adkins: 

The Council of State Governments was created by the states, commonwealths and territories of the United States to serve as a resource for state leaders. We take seriously our role as a catalyst for excellence in state governance. We work closely with leaders from all three branches of state government to share best practices and relevant information. Our goal is to help empower state leaders to make a difference for the people they serve.  
CSG has always been interested in helping state leaders put data into context and to better understand the trends in public policy. 2012 promises to be a historic year for state governments. The relationship between states and the federal government is in transition, the impact of the economic downturn is still being felt and the mood of the citizenry is volatile. CSG is committed to bringing state leaders together to better understand the challenges facing the states and to find the solutions needed to move America forward.  
These issue briefs are designed as a quick survey of the major issues in key policy areas that we believe will emerge as the focus of legislative attention in 2012. We hope you find them useful and we invite you to call on the expertise of CSG to help you dig deeper on these and other issues. Remember, CSG is America’s oldest and largest, nonpartisan association of state leaders. We collect and share information without spin or slant.  Our only agenda is to help every state leader be even more successful at governing his or her state.
A treasure trove of resources is available through CSG, including our policy experts at both the regional and national level, our online Knowledge Center, including CSG’s highly-acclaimed, The Book of the States, and the many opportunities we provide for face-to-face interaction with your peers from other states. We also publish templates for legislation on a variety of topics through our Suggested State Legislation program. CSG provides resources to enhance your leadership skills through our regional and national leadership development programs.
Against the backdrop of an election year and with critical fiscal challenges facing most states, 2012 will be a year with its share of frustrations and opportunities. CSG is ready to help you navigate both. Join us by putting the power of CSG to work for you.

Top Five Issues in 2012

        Education                  Energy & Environment           Fiscal & Economic 

         Health                    Interstate Compacts                Transportation