Policy Academy for Newly Elected Legislators (PANEL)

CSG created the Policy Academy for Newly Elected Legislators (PANEL) series to offer training and information that provides valuable, timely and objective policy insights on critical education issues facing states. Through this effort, legislators who were newly elected in 2010 and appointed to legislative education committees received critical policy information on education issues they either face now or are likely to face in the future.  

The following four outcomes guided our work:

  • Informed Policymaking—attendees serving on education  committees will be better able to serve in their elected positions if they have  a higher level of knowledge concerning key policy issues;
  • Critical Analysis—attendees will be able to examine policy issues in a more critical manner. Participants will progress from the levels of knowledge and comprehension to more advanced levels of application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation;
  • Colleague Education—attendees will be able to share information learned at the academies with fellow legislators, thus expanding the knowledge base of a wider policymaking audience; and
  • Prepare Leaders—ultimately, attendees will be better positioned, as a result of the knowledge gained, to assume leadership positions on education committees.

In 2011, one out of every five state legislators nationwide and in the U.S. territories was newly elected. In raw numbers, more than 1,600 new state legislators took office in 2011, or roughly 21 percent of all state legislators, according to a CSG analysis. This represents a significant increase from 2009 when nearly 1,250 new legislators took office.

The goal for PANEL is to inform and educate legislators on successful implementation of rigorous academic standards, efforts to prepare students for global competitiveness, developing assessment systems aligned with common core state standards, building school capacity for student success, ensuring teacher effectiveness, and aligning state policies to improve college and career readiness. CSG engages attendees in a facilitated discussion focused on promising policies and programmatic solutions designed to ensure every student has the knowledge and skills needed for a successful college experience or career.

2011 meetings included:

September 21-22        Newport, Rhode Island           CSG’s East Region
September 27-28        Coronado, California              CSG’s West Region
November 2-3             Cleveland, Ohio                      CSG’s Midwest Region
November 15-16         Atlanta, Georgia                     CSG’s South Region
December 8-9             Orlando, Florida                      CSG National