Pennsylvania’s Performance Metrics Regimen for State Export Promotion Programs

Pennsylvania quantifies state export efforts. 

Pennsylvania’s Performance Metrics Regimen for State Export Promotion Programs: Given today’s global economy, the need to quantify state export assistance to businesses is vital, and particularly to a state that generates more than $300 million in export sales each year. The Pennsylvania Center for Trade Development developed this system to set performance standards for its field offices and to clearly illustrate the return on the state’s investment in its export assistance program.

The system measures a variety of standardized data about the services each field office delivers to client exporting companies. That data includes the number of new clients and active clients; the number of work orders filed, the number of export actions, the number of exporting companies, and the value of the export sales each office helps facilitate. The system uses the information to score the offices, and those scores are adjusted to account for regional differences between rural and urban areas. Contact Peter C. O’Neill, Executive Director, Center for Trade Development, Office of International Business Development, 717-214-5453,