Pathways to Prosperity: Southern States' Efforts to Prepare a 21st Century Workforce

Policymakers across the country continue to focus on expanding the collaboration between education--at the high school and postsecondary levels--and economic development in an effort to develop a highly skilled and competitive workforce. Cooperation between the education and economic development sectors in state government, combined with active input from the corporate sector, is a critical factor in recruiting and retaining industry, particularly in manufacturing. Several states in The Council of State Governments' Southern Legislative Conference have been in the forefront of efforts to foster greater collaboration between the technical college system, and economic development and corporate sectors. This collaboration has led to impressive results as states customize training programs at technical colleges to ensure corporations can rely on a well-trained workforce able to meet the challenges of the 21st century manufacturing environment. In this webinar, state education and economic development officials, as well as corporate representatives, discuss ways to create a competent workforce to help ensure competitiveness of American manufacturers in the global economy.

Pathways to Prosperity: Southern States' Efforts to Prepare a 21st Century Workforce

Thursday, July 10, 2-3 p.m. EDT

Presented by CSG South


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Rep. Mac Buttram

Jason Bates
Toyota/Bodine Aluminum, Inc.

Jay Coffer
Spartanburg Community College

Jennifer Little
Spartanburg Community College


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