Oregon helps disabled voters with iPads

Oregon was the first state to use iPads for voting in the past election cycle, and in doing so it bolstered its reputation as a trend-setter among the states in elections.  Oregon was also the first state to allow all residents to conveniently vote by mail.  The iPads were used in limited applications during this cycle--only 5 were used on loan from Apple, Inc.  The reason for the limited roll out is because Oregon is trying a new experiement: using tablets to help disabled citizens vote by having the polls come to them.

Disabled voters have long struggled to vote privately, often needing assistance at the polls.  The iPad, however, can often make it easy for a disabled voter to cast a ballot by him or herself.  The software allows a user to adjust the font to make it more visibile, for example, if a voter has difficulty reading ballots. 

This use of iPads was part of a pilot program that the state will use again in the January special election.  If it works, the state may adopt the iPad system state-wide to assist their disabled voters.

Soure:  AP