Ohio, Wisconsin crack down on ‘re-homing’ of adopted children

In response to reports that adopted children were being placed in the care of abusive adults, Wisconsin legislators have adopted a first-in-the-nation measure that cracks down on a practice sometimes referred to as “re-homing.”

AB 581 was signed into law in April. The legislative action came a few months after a Reuters investigation uncovered loopholes in states’ laws and the problem of children being transferred from their legal adoptive parents to unauthorized individuals. For example, a 9-year-old was transferred to a pedophile in Wisconsin, and in Ohio, a girl from Haiti was sent to a home with sexually abusive parents.

Under the new Wisconsin law, Reuters reports, it is now illegal to advertise a child for adoption or any other custody transfers. In addition, adoptive parents seeking the transfer of a child must seek permission from a judge. A legislative committee, meanwhile, will be formed to further investigate the issue.

Similar legislation has been introduced in Ohio. SB 311 would require a parent to first get permission from a juvenile court judge before delegating his or her parental powers. The same measure would also make it a crime to bring a child into Ohio or send the child out of the state for the purpose of transferring physical custody. 

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