Ohio establishes grants, training requirements to improve school safety

Ohio has become the latest state in the Midwest to address school safety through a mix of new laws and funding. Under HB 318, signed into law in August, a $12 million grant program will be established for schools to pursue training in a number of areas, from how to deal with an active shooter to how to help students with mental health issues. Over the next few months, too, the Ohio Department of Public Safety will conduct studies of school security in order to ensure the proper infrastructure is in place to keep students safe.
One particular emphasis of Ohio’s new law is school resource officers. HB 318 establishes new qualifications and training requirements for these police officers working inside schools, while also specifying the type of services that they can provide (for example, fostering problem-solving strategies and contributing to emergency management plans).

Earlier this year, Wisconsin lawmakers established a $100 million school-safety grant program (AB 843). Other recent actions in the region include Iowa’s SF 2364, which requires schools to develop a high-quality emergency operations plan, and a new bonding bill in Minnesota that includes $25 million in school-safety infrastructure grants.

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