Nonpublic Alternative High Schools Accreditation

Nonpublic Alternative High Schools Accreditation


The Act authorizes investor-owned natural gas utilities to petition its economic regulator (the State Corporation Commission) to implement a separate rider that will allow for recovery of certain costs associated with eligible pipeline replacement projects. Eligible infrastructure replacement projects are projects that:

  •  enhance safety or reliability by reducing system integrity risks associated with customer outages, corrosion, equipment failures, material failures, natural forces, or other outside force damage;
  •  do not increase revenues by directly connecting the infrastructure replacement to new customers;
  •  reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  •  are not included in the natural gas utility’s rate base in its most recent rate case; and
  •  are commenced on or after a specified date. The costs recoverable from an eligible infrastructure replacement project include a return on the investment, a revenue conversion factor, depreciation, property taxes, and carrying costs on the over- or under-recovery of the eligible infrastructure replacement costs.

Submitted as:
Chapter 142 of 2010
Status: Enacted into law in 2010.

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