New state programs, laws seek to enhance veterans’ job prospects

Strategies to help veterans find jobs continue to expand in the Midwest, with Michigan, Iowa and Kansas among the states establishing new programs or policies in recent months.



In Michigan, a five-bill package was signed into law in November after receiving unanimous legislative approval. The measures allow veterans to use their experience in the military to become firefighters, emergency medical technicians and steam engineers, or to gain the state licensing needed to work as mechanical contractors or in the construction business. In Iowa, a new public-private partnership (Home Base Iowa) was launched in November with the goal of attracting military veterans to the state by matching them with jobs.

Across the country, USA Today reports, many states have enacted new laws to help improve veterans’ job prospects. Earlier in 2013, for example, Kansas lawmakers approved HB 2078. The bill waives a requirement that individuals graduate from a nursing school if they meet two other criteria: evidence of practical experience in the U.S. military and a passing score on a nursing licensure exam. Other state strategies include giving veterans preferences in state jobs and offering tax credits to private employers who hire veterans.

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