National Association of State Treasurers Survey 2012: Chapter 7



Chapter 7: Debt Management  


   TABLE 63: Treasurer’s Role in Debt Management. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 64: Additional Debt Functions of State Treasurer. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 65: General Information. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 66: Derivatives. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 66a: Derivatives contd. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 66b: Derivatives contd. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 67: Legal Basis for Limitations of Total Amount Outstanding. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 68: Restrictions on the Issuance of Debt. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 69: Private Activity Volume Cap, Annual Allocation and Arbitrage Compliance. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 70: Bond Authorization. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 71: Negotiated/Competitive Sales and Local Assistance. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 72: Local Assistance and Fiscal Agent. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 73: Restrictions on Debt Structure or Form. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 74: Capital Budget. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 75: State Debt Totals: Issuance. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 76: State Debt Totals: Outstanding. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 77: Information Available Online. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 78: Online Services. Download in Excel.


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