National Association of State Treasurers Survey 2012: Chapter 6



Chapter 6: Cash Management - Policies, Procedures and Techniques  


   TABLE 47: Cash Management Program Review. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 48: Preparation and Utilization of Cash Management. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 49: Cash Flow Management: Forecasting and Distribution of Demand Deposits. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 50: Demand Deposits. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 51: Collateral Programs. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 52: Acceptable Collateral. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 53: Perfected Security Interest. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 54: Electronic Revenue Types Collected. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 55: Acceptable Electronic Payment Services. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 56: Legal Authority for Electronic Payments. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 57: Additional Electronic Payment Information. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 58: Electronic Disbursement Uses. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 59: Means of Electronic Disbursement. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 60: Electronic Benefit Transfer: Program Oversight and Treasurer's Role. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 61: Recipient Usage of EBT Program. Download in Excel.

   TABLE 62: EBT Restrictions, Use, and Fraud. Download in Excel.


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